Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative

If you are requesting service for a new location, please provide our customer service department with the following information:

  1. Name the service will be in
  2. 911 address
  3. Daytime phone number
  4. Type of service needed (underground, overhead, temp pole, etc)

Once you have met with our customer service department, a staking request work order will be placed and a field engineer will contact you to discuss the job. After talking with the field engineer, the customer will need to come into the office to sign our contract, and pay any fees that are required.

Time Line for Service
Underground Excavation Release of Liability.

Fees may include any of the following:

Membership fee $ 5.00
Service fee $10.00
Temp Pole permit $35.00 and up
Deposit (residential) Twice the average bill
Deposit (commercial) Twice the highest bill
Underground Service $1,000 and up
Aid of Construction **

**Additional Aid to Construction fees may be applicable. These will be determined once member has met with our field engineer.

When paying any deposits/fees over $2,500, please be prepared to pay by cash, check or money order in our office. FLEC cannot accept credit or debit card charges over $2,500.

Please note the State of Tennessee also requires new homeowners provide septic tank papers in Monroe County. Please provide the yellow copy of the septic application to the state electrical inspector.

All temp pole fees must be paid before the pole will be set. Inspection permits will need to be purchased before the state inspector will inspect property. If an inspection is rejected, a new permit will need to be purchased in order to be re-inspected.

When the home is ready for inspection, please contact the electrical inspector, Larry Miller, between the hours of 7:00 A.M. - 8:00 A.M., Monday thru Thursday at #423-836-2938.

If you requested underground service, please contact our office once the home has passed the rough-in inspection, meter base is on the house, and fees have been paid. Once we are notified, the work order will be released for the underground to be dug at this point. Please have all water and septic lines visibly flagged before underground is dug. After the home has passed final inspection, all fees have been paid, and the yellow copy of the septic application has been turned in, work order will be released for hook-up.

State Electrical Inspector: Larry Miller #423-836-2938
Available from 7:00 A.M. to 8:00 A.M. Monday - Thursday

Normal inspection days:
Monroe: Mon. & Wed.
Blount & Loudon: Tues. & Thurs.

State of Tennessee Supervisor of Electrical Inspectors:
Larry Craddock (865) 805-7022

Discontinuation of Service By Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative

Fort Loudoun Electric Coop may refuse to connect or continue service for the following:

  1. Violation of any of its rules and regulations.
  2. Theft of current or the appearance of theft devices on the premises of the customer.
  3. Past due accounts. Payment in full will be required and an additional deposit may be required before service will be restored.
  4. Termination of contact by member.

Discontinuance of service by Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative does not release member from his/her obligation for payment of bill or any other amounts due.

Approved Licensed Electricians
Approved Meter Pole Builders
Overhead Meter Pole Specifications
Overhead Mobile Home Meter Pole Specifications
Overhead RV Meter Pole Specifications
Overhead Temp Pole Specifications
Underground Service Entrance Specifications for Stick Built House (Effective 9-1-20)
Underground Service Entrance Specifications for Mobile Home (Effective 9-1-20)
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Underground Meter Pole Specifications
Underground RV Meter Pole Specifications
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