Fort Loudoun Electric Cooperative

Heat Pump Financing

Financing for heat pumps is now available through Vanderbilt Mortgage.

This financing plan will NOT be included on the FLEC bill. Billing will now only be handled by Vanderbilt Mortgage.

For more information about financing, you may visit Once you register for a new account or log in to your existing account, select the "Financing" tab to apply and learn more. You may call also call 1-855-237-2673 for more information. Members may also be eligible for financing through the manufacturer of the heat pump. Check with your local heat pump contractor for available financing options and promotions. Also, many area banks and credit unions are offering very competitive rates for home improvements like heat pump installations.

Residential Services Program

FLEC and TVA EnergyRight® are here to help you make smart decisions about your home’s energy use. Our resources make improving your home’s energy efficiency easier. Learn what upgrades your home needs to be its most energy efficient by completing a home energy evaluation with a Home Energy Advisor, hire TVA-approved contractors to complete your home energy upgrades, apply for financing for qualifying home upgrades, take our free DIY Home Energy Assessment and more. Visit to find out how you can make your home as efficient as possible.