Outage Update - Evening Dec. 25 2020


First, thank you for your patience as we battle all the elements being thrown at us. Second, we are making progress but mother nature is not cooperating and we have faced several setbacks. We have had additional broken power lines due to the heavy snow pulling down many trees. We have the assistance of additional crews and we do have employees working through the night. We wish we could say we would be getting all power restored today but unfortunately that will not be the case. Restoration efforts will continue into Saturday.

Lastly, as if battling the effects of the snow were not enough, the explosion in downtown Nashville today has affected our AT&T phone communications. We are currently working on another solution but please know this may be why you have had difficulty trying to contact our office. This solution should be reached later this evening. Please be aware our automated metering system notifies FLEC when a meter is without power. This is constantly being monitored by our dispatching team. So even if you are not able to notify us of your outage, FLEC should already be aware. Communications with our phone system should be re-established later today.

Again, thank you for your patience and understanding during this very challenging time.

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