Outage Update - Dec. 25, 2020


While the snow has been beautiful this Christmas, with it unfortunately came power outages for many FLEC members. Yesterday at the peak of the outages, we had over 2,500 members without power. The heavy snow weighted down trees and caused many of them to fall on the power lines. FLEC currently has 46 outages, totaling 1,107 members without power.

Our crews, plus additional contractors, will continue to work through the day to restore power as quickly and safely as possible. We ask for your patience as we do our very best to repair  the damage.

If you have damage to your individual home or service entrance, those repairs will need to be made before FLEC will be able to reconnect your individual service.
Please remember to report all outages through our automated outage management phone system (1-877-353-2674). Please do not report any outage via social media, due to efficiency and privacy concerns. 

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